Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dollars and Cents

How much money is in your wallet? What about your bank account? Does it stand up to the amount of debt you have? Are you in financial hell?

If you've broken a cold sweat recently, thinking about your financial worries, then worry no more. It isn't going to get you anything besides high blood pressure. A negative approach to our problems, such as is worrying, makes them much more difficult to deal with. You aren't the first person to experience financial troubles, and you won't be the last.


If you have monthly payments on several credit cards, and you can barely afford even one of them, consider consolidation. It will consolidate all of your payments into one, considerably lower payment. It may have a negative effect on your credit, but so will continued late payments or bankruptcy. It will stop those collection calls, and you may find some financial peace, finally.

However, debt consolidation isn't for everybody. Contact a non-profit credit counselor and find out whether or not bankruptcy is the best alternative for you. You should, however, do your best to avoid bankruptcy, as it is a black mark on your credit. But the most important thing, is that you thoroughly consider all of your options. You should be comfortable with your decision. It should IMPROVE things, not make them worse.

In addition to debt management, find out if there is anyway you can supplement your income. You don't want to fall into a get-rich-quick scam, so if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Think about selling some of your items on e-bay. Many people have made a part-time job out of selling and re-selling items on e-bay, and who knows? You might just have a knack for it.

If you can, consider getting a part time job waiting tables. Tips can be lucrative, and often, the hours are small enough to fit in as a part time job. Look through the newspaper and the internet to see if there is a job out there right for you. Also, consider blogging. Many websites, such as and will pay you for your articles. If you have good writing skills, this may be a viable option, but it will take hard work, and most likely some research.

If you don't want to write, yet your willing to do hard work and some research, then use the internet as a resource for how you can generate extra income. Thousands of people have already done it, and you can do it too. There are millions of dollars being paid to people through the internet.

In any case, take your financial problems in stride. Don't ignore them, as that will lead to greater problems in the future. If you work steadily at solving your problems and are consistent about learning ways to solve them (THE INTERNET is your friend), you'll surely come out on top. As your new found skills will stay with you long after your financial worries are gone.