Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lohan isn't Goin to Jail Just Yet

So an arrest warrant was issued for Lindsay Lohan this weekend after the LA courts decided that she didn't complete all the stipulations stemming from her 2007 hit and run/DUI (good Combo Lindz!) arrest.

She was supposed to complete a 10 day booze program, or some shit, I dont freakin know.

All I know is that her attorney said she was fine in some statement.

In other Lezzie Lindsay news, apparantley her and her old-man (samRO) are having it out at samantha's place in LA, cause there are a shit ton of reporters and cops outside the house.

Click Here to see all the drama go down.

Those lesbians are freaking out of their minds. Actually, I think they just enjoy putting on a good show. They must. If They didn't like all this attention, they'd stop. Maybe their addicts.

No way. Lindsay... an addict?