Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Obviously, my obsession with OctoMom is well warranted. Just check out the circus at her new crib!

My lady Octomom got the green light to take home 2 of her 8 newborns to the new pad she picked up in Southern California (La Habra, to be precise).

There has to be like 50 people on her front lawn right there. And there all waiting to cast their lenses, and eyes on the mommylicious, jaw-dropping beauty known as Octo Mom.

What I really want to know is, is OctoMom making her money off of all this?

I mean, people want to call that bitch greedy, but dayum, she better get greedy, she's got 14 kids to feed. 14!!!

She's like running a full-time summer camp. That would annoy the hellz out of me. Shit, I get annoyed if I even hear a baby crying from a distance while I'm in public.

Plus, you can't smoke down with babies. You can't drink with babies. What the hell are they good for?