Saturday, April 11, 2009

Literary Corner

This is Edward Albee. A Gay playwright who wrote Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolfe, and the most intensely beautiful work i've read in some time, The Zoo Story.

Please do read the Zoo Story. It's simply wonderful.

Aersol Cheese, Now In Waffle Batter

This was going to be a post solely about aerosol cheese, but while I was doing an image search I came upon a new sort of aerosol treat. Check it out!

It's Waffle Batter!

WTF? .... Waffles The Fuck!

So why do I imagine that waffle batter coming out like the tail end of a whip cream that I just took a whip it out of. You know, all liquidy, and with that nauseating texture. I still drink it, cause I can't resist that sweet sweet milkfat cream and sugar. No way. No how!

But seriously. WTF? (Waffles The Fuck!) What does waffle batter look like coming out of an aersol can. I HAVE TOO KNOW!!

I'll report back later.