Sunday, February 21, 2010

Leo Still Has It

And Martin Scorcese helped, too!

Shutter Island, Martin Scocese's latest flick about a cop who goes to a haunted mental institution (go figure!) made $40 million at the box office this weekend making it the number 1 movie in America.

Leo can take the money to get some facial lipo... dude's got a little fat face. He used to be so well proportioned. And now it's like that extra roll at dinner goes straight to his cheeks (insert ass hole joke here).

Valentine's Day came in at number 2 with $17 million while Avatar (wtf?) came in at third with $16 million.

Okay people. You need to see Avatar, then let it go. James Cameron is wiping his ass with our hard earned recession dollars, while we're standing in line at the free Church lunch. Why? So we can save enough money to see fucking Avatar again.

Just watch old reruns of Smurfs on Youtube instead. Everyone knows Avatar is just a rip off of the Smurfs anyway.

Rue McLanahan Is 76 Years Young Today

I want all of you stone heads and Golden Girl Fanclub presidents to get out to the Hallmark store (They have a 99 cent section) and purchase the wonderful Rue McLanahan (the ho from Golden Girls) a beautiful 21st birthday card (she is eternally young).

It's Rue's 76th birthday today, and if it weren't Sunday, I would take the day off work and go to Church or something (Church's aren't open on Sundays, right?).

If you're too lazy to leave your apartment today, then just sing-a-long with the video below, and you'll be forgiven.

And yes, I'm reposting!