Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stump Is The Shit

Check him out.

He's a Sussex Spaniel, he's 10 years old, and his name is Stump. Oh yeah, and he's also the hottest dog in the world right now.

Stump recently won best in show at the Westminster Dog Show.

This bitch is amazing. He was the oldest dog to win that shit, and I can't see anyone who could be more deserving.

My mom was particularly happy about the Spaniel win because Stump bares some resemblance to her favorite canine: Detective.

Detective is a cocker spaniel, he's 1 years old, and it's his birthday today.
And if any of you bitches even think a bad thought about him, you will disintegrate as my mother's love for him is ubiquitous. It will strike your ass down like a Catholic lying at confessional.

Why Did Chris Brown Beat The Hell Out Of Rihanna?

Okay, so this story is about as big as Rihanna's forehead.

But WTF? Why the f*$% did he Chris Brown beat a bitch?

There are several scenarios that have been suggested.

One, and my personal favorite, is that Rihanna gave Chris Brown herpes. Now this, to me, sounds the most plausible. Hell, if some bitch gave me the herp herp, i'd probably want to beat them down too. I wouldn't, cause that might aggravate my open sores, but I can understand wanting to beat a bitch down for that.

Two, it was over a text message that Rihanna read of Chris'. Some skank said she was gonna make whoopy with Chris later on and Rihanna put Chris under her Umbrella ella ella of WTF. This theory I'm not so sure about. Although I can totally imagine Rihanna being so ridiculously bitchy that Chris had enough of that bitch and smacked her around a little (i never advocate violence).

There is also a report that says Chris Brown choked Rihanna until she passed out.

Damn, what is wrong with that mofo? I think it's a napolean complex. Motherfucker can't stand his woman being taller than him so he has to show her whats what.