Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Advice From Me To You, For Me And You

As some of you may know, I'm in the market for an internship. So far, I've applied at MTV and Fox Reality Channel. While I would be stoked to have either, I think I'd be better suited for the latter. Frankly, because it's less well known, and it might be easier to make an impression there (though I can't even be sure of that). Also, I'm interested in developing reality TV. I have seen reality television take over such a large proportion of our television programming, and I project it will continue to dominate the TV guide.
As far as making an impression, I just read a list from about things you should and shouldn't do at an internship. I'll recap on the ones I think are most important:

1) Don't roll your eyes.
I hope this is a duh to most of you, but if it isn't, heed this advice. Respect your superiors and appreciate your role as an intern. You are there to learn and to help out.

2) Talk to your superiors
Being afraid to ask questions or to develop a relationship with your boss is only going to slow you down. Your boss might not have time to seek you out, so go to him or her and utilize their expertise; it's what got them there, and it's what could get you where they are some years down the road.

3) Show initiative and enthusiasm.
Work extra hours on your projects and show that you are willing to do whatever it takes to do the best job possible. Treat this like a job where you are looking for a promotion. Sometimes interns can be hired on a full time employees if they are impressive candidates.

Essentially, the best thing to do is to treat an internship like it's your first job. Work hard, do your best, and appreciate the opportunity you are being given. Stay humble and willing to learn, and get the most out of your time.