Saturday, April 18, 2009

Brit Brit Says No To Drugs?

So the lovely Britney Jean Spears is reportedly scared that PeePaw Spears has been giving her too many tranquilizers.

According to a source:

“Britney is sure her father is out to get her and that he’s drugging her to turn her into a zombie who won’t fight back. Ever since her breakdown last year when she was hospitalized, she’s been on prescription pills to battle her panic attacks. Her doctors have also prescribed anti-anxiety drugs Valium and Ativan to deal with stress and to help her sleep. As part of the court-ordered conservatorship, Jamie has to make sure Britney takes the correct dosage because she forgets to take them otherwise. But lately she’s been nodding off randomly in the middle of conversations and is convinced it’s because Jamie’s giving her too much much."

Oh jolly gosh Brit. You are 27. If you don't want any of the good stuff, just say so.

How can someone continuously be drugged and not be able to do anything about it save cry to their friends?

Fuck, if I were PeePaw Spears, I'd be slipping half of those valiums into my own frappucino. One for Brit, One for me, One for Brit, two for me...

I bet the Spears' medicine cabinet has all sorts of goodies!

Vicodin, valium, adderall, dexedrine, etc, etc!!

If PeePaw Spears would just give her a vicodin instead of a valium all of these problems would be solved. She'd be calm and happy. DUH!

Maybe I should try and get custody of Brit. I'm the only one that can take care of you Brit!