Friday, February 20, 2009

What the FUD?

That thing you're looking at above is not an energy drink. It's a FUD!

A Female Urination Device. It's so that biatches can pee pee standing up. HAHAHAHA.

Click Here for the official Go Girl Website.

If i were a chick I would be purchasing this item immediately. Most girls don't know the pleasure of peeing standing up (bit I for sure know some girls who can do it.) so this might just be the key to that glory.

This shit would be a bomb Christmas present. I think I'm going to get one for my mom and my sister!

And check out P. Diddy peeing below for an example of how awesome peeing can be.

Chris Brown... WTF?

It might just be over for you Chris Brown. I'm not sure you're career can withstand this.

In all seriousness, this isn't funny. It makes me sad, and sick.

Peepz. Control Y'all selves.

If you want to see the very sad picture of Rihanna then click here. I can't post that shit on this site.

Pics of OctoMommy's new Crib (hahaha so many puns!)

I Am Officially Obsessed With Octo-Mommy

I can't explain exactly what draws me to this gorgeous bat shit crazy baby lady. I think it has something to do with her excellent abilities at exploiting her life and her kids.

It's probably the fact that she does Angie Jolie better than Angelina herself.

Nadye Suleman, otherwise known as OctoMommy is looking at buying a $1.24 million dollar house.

Last week she was broke, had 14 kids, and no job.

This week she has 14 kids, no job and a ton of cash. But she deserves it, seriously.

I seriously, deep down in my heart, want this lady to be mega rich, mega famous. I want her to have her own daytime talk show. She can be like Oprah, but with 14 kids. I want the world to revere this beauty and give her the respect and love and affection that she deserves.

I don't know why I'm posting the pic below, because it royally freaks me out and makes me want to puke, but i'm sure some of y'all will get a kick (or a stretch mark) out of it.