Wednesday, August 12, 2009

That's A Cute Burquini

The beauty that is the burquini, which is being sported in the photograph above, has been DENIED!

A woman, only identified as Carole claims she was not allowed into a public pool in Emerainville, France, while dressed in her fabulous "burquini."

The reason: too dirty.

Officials at the pool told Carole it was for sanitary reasons. That didn't sit well (unlike the burquini, which sits like a dream!)

"For me this is nothing but segregation," Carole told said.Le Parisien, a Parisian daily.

I don't see what could be any nastier about this than an old Frenchy's balls hanging out of a speedo. It's reminscient of the good old days when women were modest, and wore even MORE clothing in the pool than out of it.