Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Arts

To all of those who read this blog, I'd like to ask whether or not the poem was entirely out of place. I had expressed frustration with the boundaries of schooling and blogging, and was decided to take a step, via this blog, towards creative expression.

Was it too much? Does this blog need more consistency. I suppose I haven't gone over advice relevant to Generation Y in a while, and I'll probably be heading back there shortly. I had doven into the blogosphere rather quickly, and the idea of helping out Generation Yers was an immediately attractive idea for a blog. It offered a niche community that was self-motivated, so it was easy to work for this community because they were so specific about what they wanted. They wanted tools to making their lives work as part of a generation who faces challenges like dramatic shifts in the types of work now available (obviously the internet has a lot to do with that). And they not only want to keep up with the shift, they want to be on top of it. Hence their active engagement in blogging.

I have said this before, and I will say it again, starting a blog is one great way to stay ahead or on the curve. I have found that through diligent work within the blogosphere (commenting on other blogs, and having relationships with other blog owners) one can obtain readers, who can also become internet buddies (Torbjorn and Anna, you two are great!).

I have been able to amass a certain amount of comments and traffic on this blog. This was through hard work and persistence. Persistence = success. Were I to have continuously put as much effort into this blog as I had at one point, I would likely have many more readers, and I challenge you to go for as many readers as you can, as well as to come up with new ways of attracting them, and new topics to discuss.

Thank you for reading and I'll catch you in the blogosphere.