Tuesday, March 4, 2008

O you are sick of self-love, Malvolio!

The prior post was a bit out of the blue, so I am forced to reconcile that it is invariably reflective of the self-assured Todd that exists within me. If you'll look deeper into the blog, you'll find the other Todds (economical Todd, practical Todd, sad Todd). This Todd here, is inspired Todd.

You see, I've just finished reading Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, and I enjoyed it in a way that made me want to post on my generation Y blog. Go figure.

Shakespeare is said to have acheived a great feat in writing: originality. For he coins his own diction, and is never successfully copied thereafter. There are few, if any, Shakespearian copy cats which have sustained over time the way Shakespeare himself has. Where we might look at various movements, such as modernism, and we will clump together Conrad, Eliot, and Pound (though I do not claim authority on any of the three), we do not associate Shakespeare as such.
The same goes even for Socrates, the father of philosophy. Perhaps it's because he never wrote his ideas down, but we often speak of Socrates in reference to a progression towards Plato, then Aristotle. But O Shakespeare, the valiant prince of theatrical literature. The Kings playwright as well as the peoples!

Point being, Do dare! Do flaunt your unique perspective in the ways possible. There is part of me that assumes that this is invariably going to be appreciated --If done with intensity and passion-- by some such people. Use the force! Go hard! Fight the good fight?

In any case, don't get into debt, blah blah blah. You all should know that. I want, if only, to inspire you, but ideally, to fully remind you of the realities of your own enviornment (and I'm not even touching on global warming!)

So stand out. And explore your passion.