Monday, May 18, 2009

Lindsay Lohan: Star or Slut?

You have to admit one thing when it comes to Lindsay Lohan: She's famous. Hounded by the paps day in and day out as she parties with her token red bull (or coke) and that "I'm the fucking shit" look on her freckled face.

She's an exotic beauty in the entertainment industry: deep red hair and freckles, she's a ginger by all accounts. So how did she become the "lindsay" to beat all other Lindsays? How did she make people care about her life?

Bein a bitch.

Shit, straight up.. This ho is a brokeback motha fuckin slim-pickin afta centric weave lady.

Stop doing drugs. Or don't.

But please... Stop bein a fuckin crazy bitch, lIndsay.