Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ahead Of Its Time

The Cure's "Pictures Of You"

Thanks Pandora!

This Is The Most Amazing Toothpaste Ever

I'm just sorry I couldn't find a better image of it. The new aerosol toothpaste from Aquafresh kills 3X the bacteria in your mouth, and it feels like you're brushing your teeth with cloudy foamy goodness. It fills your mouth with so much delight that you'll wake up in the morning looking forward to brushing your teeth. It'll literally revolutionize the way you think about toothpaste.

Forget the messy tubes that look unsightly halfway through their usage. This lovely aerosol can fits neatly on your counter and remains in pristine form from start to finish.

Everything from the taste to the texture will leave your teeth and mouth feeling extra fresh.


And no, i'm not being paid by aquafresh. Why the fuck would they pay me to pimp their product out to the 3 people and 2 cats (don't ask) who read my blog/