Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mickey Rourke

I have a feeling this dude's gonna walk away with the best actor award, which will make his face made out of saudered keg cups infinitley more interesting.

Finally, theres a Miley video on here

I think this is Miley's masterpiece. She might as well just stop singing now. She'll never top the "SHA" in the beginning. That's the most beautiful vocal work I've heard since I heard my ex sing.

I thought he was puking.

Michael Ian Black

BTW. If you cut your ears off because of the laughter in the background, I warned you.

Bjork- I've Seen It All

These were obviously necessary

Stacey Q- Two of Hearts (1986)

Stacey Q- Playback

This one is a deep cut. But it's fantastic. From the lyrics to the melodramatic synth glory.

Stacey Q is a serious artist.

Taco- Puttin On The Ritz (1982)

I love the name Taco, personally. If my name were Taco, I would probably always want to eat a Taco, because I would be reminded of them everytime someone said my name.

My Freshman year of college i got addicted to tacos for about two months. My roomate almost called my parents because he was worried. When I wasn't eating them, I was thinking about them. Fuck, I probably even snorted a couple of tacos that year.

Today I ate two delicious tacos. My mouth is creaming itself to the thought.

You Spin Me Round- Dead Or Alive (1985)

I'm only posting this because I think it's the best video I've ever seen.

Tony Basil - Mickey (1982)

George Seurut (sp?) is his name and painting is his game

This is great. It makes me stoned and happy. I love art when I'm stoned.

Today, I was talking about T.S. Eliot, and I yelled out he was an anti-semite.
This girl said, no, actually my friend did a thesis and he's not.

And I said, little lady, he sure is one of dem Anti-Semitics!

Turn the sound off on this one

The Only Reason To Watch Bromance

I like this president a lot

I really like this video. It makes me happy in my fried soul and dips it in ranch dressing.


I like this president a lot


Kim Zolciak is dating Joe Frances!

Kim Zolciak was seen snuggling with Joe "as long as she looks 18" Frances.

I wanted to be first to give the Desperate Housebitch, and the porno king my full support and blessing.

McCain had one final challenge

This isn't as gay as it seems

I'm launching a crusade. Against Christina Aguilera.
She's skanked her way through too many vocal arrangments and I'm ready to take a stand.