Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wisdom from high places

All i really want to say is that you have to do your thing. Be conscious of it, and you ain't got no reason to pologize to no one. Just do it.

Chase love. Smoke weed. Write music. Make art.
Write poems. Eat cake. Describe how awesome
cake is sometimes. Eat chips. Dance.
Dance naked.
Get high.
Eat with your buds.
Dance in high heels maybe?

Gay guys smoking weed.

Sort of

I can't decide

(imagine a five minute gap of staring at the Mona Lisa between me typing in the header, and the next line)

Wait. My stoned ass just decided that it was indeed a good painting.
Very beautiful.

Check out this fattie

Jeffrey Star Everybody

Listen to this song picture perfect. It's fucking tight. It's fucking really tight.

Past the age of caring

My take on this whole situation is this:

don't care.

Who cares what one artist is doing. We're all doing stupid shit.
This is not significant like it seems.
Well, I guess it is. But i think we're past the age of caring


That laugh is scary, huh?

Stevie Wonder.

What can i say about this man, but he my "Cherie amoure." Incredible musician, performer, writer. Incredible. He's blind. That's pretty damn interesting. Music is the universal communication. I've seriously seen deaf people rock out.
Harder than me sometimes!

Check check check it.

Check out Stacey Q and tell me she isn't sweet!

Stacey Q:
Two of Hearts
(And her wikipedia)

There's something about this lady. She is beautiful. Her voice is magical.
This queen of pop was the Marilyn Monroe of her day. She was glamour embodied. And it was so unapologetic, that I know she's just this awesome bitch.

Just watch the videos. You are going to be amazed.

If you know what's what, you'll see how amazing Stacey Q is.
No joke.

Just learn about this lady. Check her. She's amazing.



Heres M.I.A's Paper Planes to chill on.

Check out "Bird Flu" by MIA though, it's fuckin hot!

Pot hang over

You know, I wasn't completely sure until this morning.

But after eating all that margerine infused popcorn, that ketchup infused tater tots (which are about to come up the wrong way), I am stoned over.

I woke up feeling like the piece of shit I am.