Friday, February 6, 2009

Spencer and Heidi Are Fucking With You

I seriously don't understand the fascination with these two.

They are two idiot douche bags, who prove to the world, over and over, just how retarded they are.

It turns out that their planning a fake divorce for their fake marriage.

A source says, "Spencer is masterminding the whole thing right now. He'll make sure people see him going in and out of a lawyer's office. Then he'll stage fake fights with Heidi for the cameras and talk on the show about getting married too young and pretend he's really conflicted. Spencer will push this as far as he can, but it will all be 100 percent fake. He loves Heidi and will never let her go. They're just always looking for a way to out-drama Lauren Conrad. It's their No. 1 goal in life!"

Spencer and Heidi are just pure fuckery. I wonder what their sex life is like. I bet Spencer likes to pee on Heidi... call it a sneaking suspicion.

Heidi probably listens to whatever Spencer says. "Baby, my piss all over you will make you more attractive than LC."

Below is proof of these two idiots idiocy. It's the music video for Higher that Spencer directed. This horsey horse cannot sing.