Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here's the Real Question

Do you like cheerios? Do you think the box of cheerios above is sexy? Do you like the way it stares at you?

I certainly do!

May Your Nightmares Be As Brilliant As This

Edgar Allen Poe with moving lips and old fucking film. This is golden!

Bitty Betty

Betty White is on top of her game lately.

She's making appearances on late night, taking hits on a Snickers commercial, and telling Rue Calahan to stuff it!

Betty White is the Beyonce/Michelle Williams/Kelly Rowland of the Golden Girls.
She's a survivor. She's not gon' give up. She's gon work harder. She's a survivor. And she'll keep on surviving.

To continue, this blog wants to also give props to Betty White. Because it is cool to give props to Betty White!

Of the bottom two videos, one will sooth your heart, and one will stimulate your prostate.

You decide which is which.