Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rihanna and Chris: The Passion, The Drama... They're Back Together Almost For Sure

Sources (and by sources, I mean DListed) tell me the couple is stowed away in the confines of The Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills.

This is some fuckery. Chris Brown should be taking it in the bum from some guy named Chainsaw. He beat a bitch, and now he's back in the lap of luxury and back in the lap of the bitch he beat.

Seriously, there is a syndrome for what Rihanna is doing. It's something where a bitch gets beat, then the guy that beats her says sorry, and she feels sorry for him, and then he beats her ass again. Well Rihanna, you've been warned by every gossip blog from Perez to this junky ass piece of shit: STAY THE EFF AWAY FROM CHRIS BROWN!

Next time that girl gets a beat down, I'll still feel sad, but I'll also roll my eyes and give her an mmmhmmm... I told you so.

This is Amazery

This is Pinky the pink dolphin. Yes, this is an actual pink dolphin, the gays didn't have one dyed for PRIDE.

Pinky is an albino dolphin, which is why he's so pink.

He was discovered in Louisiana in 2007 and he's been gaying up the waters ever since. You know all the other homo dolphins are totally jealous. I hope the jock dolphins don't bash on him.

Actually, Pinky is straight. REALLY! See, you don't even believe it, think about how Pinky feels.

Poor Pinky. I still love you Pinky. In a totally hetero, non beastiality kind of way.