Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Always Sunny in Los Angeles

I just found out the cast of It's Always Funny in Philadelphia is performing their riveting musical "The Nightman Cometh".

They'll be performing at The Troubador in West Hollywood on April 17. Click here to get tickets, though they won't go on sale until tomorrow.

This play has everything you want, from Boy's holes (souls) To Danny Devito singing "The Troll Toll"

I need to get to LA to see this.

Seinfeld Part Two

Jerry Seinfeld is slated to star in a new reality series for NBC.

It's supposedly going to be titled Marriage Ref. It will consist of Jerry, a panel of celebrities, comedians, and athletes, who judge marital disputes and then decide on a solution.

This shiz sounds like Divorce Court. Fuck, it probably won't even be close to as good as Divorce Court (before lame FOX fired the HBIC of that show Mablean Ephriam).

Seinfeld won't be the host of this shiz or anything. He'll be mostly the creator/producer/HBIC of this shit.

I'm sorry, but this does not sound interesting or exciting at all.

Bring back Judge Ephriam!!!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Back To Rehab

Yes, the hot piece of ass you see above has checked himself into rehab... again.

The kid apparantley has some childhood issues, and in 2005 did a stint in Promises in California. That shit is like a resort. Seriuosly y'all, if you get famous and get a drug problem, you get to go to a resort for a few weeks where they give you massages and virgin daquaris...

virgin... fuck that. Like they say, I only have a drinking problem when I don't have a drink.

But seriously, let's all rally behind Mr Meyers, because he's a great actor, and he's fine as all hell.

But I love how celebrities think they can snort massive amounts of cocaine in a Limo, get out, and no one will notice.

I mean, look at Mr. Meyers in the pic below. He's either blackout drunk, or Yazzed.
(still sexy though)