Friday, January 9, 2009

You Look Gay

Michael Buckley queers and gents

When the munchies kick in

Try making some fudge

Gay Guys Smoking weed

This video comes up on youtube if you type in gay guy smoking weed


Check out this clip from the 2007 classic film "Bratz"

Funny shit

Here are some funny you tube videos

Here's Dave Chapelle talking about smoking weed with white people

Dave's fucking right. White guys always do borderline gay shit when their buddies fall asleep. TEABAG dude!!

Here's Kat Williams telling it like it is. SMOKE WEED BITCHES!!

I need a day job.

Purple weed.

We've all seen it, but somehow, whenever I see purple weed I think it's divine, like it came right out of God's stash.

Chill out with a bong yo

shout out to my peeps who like to get stoned.

smoke that dirt that weed
or that chronie chronic

In the morning
with a gin and tonic.

or the brunt of a bowl

Keep the smoke in your lungs
and exhale baby.



Today is the day of the Stacey's.

At about the time Stacey Orrico was born, Stacey Q was adding a touch of mink to the pop music scene.

This Stacey Q song is amazing. It's called "Playback" and it's scandalous.

Check out this video of Stacey Q showing Tootie from The Facts of Life how it's done.

Check out her pink low rider spandex. What a babe.

Stacey Orrico is hot!

This chick had a hit in 2003 called stuck, which is a TOTALLY HOT SONG. She cowrote it, which is always cool (WE STILL LOVE YOU BRITNEY!). But check her out.

And look how beautiful she is. If i weren't a maricon, a mariposa, a gay, you know, i'd be all about me some Stacey Orrico. QUE RICO!

Kanye does kind look like Benjamin Button...

On Kanyes blog he responds to a recent magazine cover which, he says, added grey to his beard: I DON'T HAVE GREY IN MY BEARD IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....THIS IS SOME BENJAMIN BUTTON'S SHIT!"

I love that Kanye's blog doesn't need to have quote marks because he types in all douchitals... i mean capitals, and he is a douche.

Kanye is a talented douche set. He wakes up in the morning, cleans several vaginas and raps his way over to Robertson Blvd for douchy clothing.

I bet my mom purchased something like Kanye West in the early 80's.

Benjamin Button would never cheat!

Brad "old baby" Pitt is saying he never cheated on Jennifer Aniston with Angelina.

Seriously though, assuming that Brad Pitt has the same personality as his Benjamin Button role, HE HAS TO HAVE SEX WITH ANY WOMAN WHO MIGHT BE PROFOUND.

So Janiston is like Tilda Swinton. SHE SHOULD GO TRY AND SWIM THE ENGLISH CHANNEL. She'd never make it.

And Angelina wouldn't mind a damn bit.

Uncool Angelina. Very uncool.