Friday, March 7, 2008

Bring on the internships!

So, I'm looking for an internship. I would prefer one with a television network, but I suppose any internship will do. I guess internships are a necessary part of the transition out of college, no?

What exactly is an internship? Will I be getting some honchos coffee? Or will I be getting someone who gets the honcho coffee, their coffee? I think it will be fun to be an intern. It's a stage of life, in a way. Everybody was an intern at some point.

It's bizarre to be so close to graduating college, and still so uncertain about a career path. What should I be doing? What was I meant for? Or was I meant for anything? And maybe our careers don't have to define us as people.

But do they end up doing that inevitably? At least to some degree, I think they must. They take up such vast amounts of our time. But I think I'm most useful in a conversation with a friend, in helping them sort out their feelings and opinions.

Maybe I'll be a psychologist.