Friday, March 7, 2008

Bring on the internships!

So, I'm looking for an internship. I would prefer one with a television network, but I suppose any internship will do. I guess internships are a necessary part of the transition out of college, no?

What exactly is an internship? Will I be getting some honchos coffee? Or will I be getting someone who gets the honcho coffee, their coffee? I think it will be fun to be an intern. It's a stage of life, in a way. Everybody was an intern at some point.

It's bizarre to be so close to graduating college, and still so uncertain about a career path. What should I be doing? What was I meant for? Or was I meant for anything? And maybe our careers don't have to define us as people.

But do they end up doing that inevitably? At least to some degree, I think they must. They take up such vast amounts of our time. But I think I'm most useful in a conversation with a friend, in helping them sort out their feelings and opinions.

Maybe I'll be a psychologist.


Lindsey Pollak said...

Hi Todd,

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Good luck with your search!

Lindsey Pollak

----t h rive---- said...

Absolutely, an internship is a great way to get your foot in the door. (and truly exciting, cause you never know what you're gonna get)

About the coffee fetching intern, it shouldn't necessarily mean you're the office gopher, but it might! I found myself having to shop for a certain supply sometimes, but that was the closest to fetching coffee I ever had to do. Also spent lots of time stuffing envelopes and collating garbage to send out to clients who might put it straight into the recycling bin. But when those ACTUAL project bits came my way, damn was I a keener.

I should start a column for advice for interns - I learned so much being my office's first ever 'intern' too, they found it very amusing.

Stephanie said...


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Hope I can gelp!