Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss California... Oh Oh... Poor Poor Miss California

So the bitch said it. She said what we know 70 percent of Americans really think, but don't. Perez has been blogging shit about her all morning.

This actually gets my little pea head thinking about something besides Alec Baldwin's chest hair. This whole situation.

I mean, the bitch said "she thinks that she believes blah blah blah."

If she had told us her opinion about foreign policy would people be so pissed?

The thing is, she's a fucking beauty queen. She's stupid. She's not smart. She's a car with manual windows. She's a VHS tape! She's an arby's value meal without seasoned fries.

So I guess what I'm saying is two things:

(1) To deal with your anger at this beauty queen, remember that, she's just a stupid beauty queen.

(I'm sure if you add a little horsey sauce to your arby's, it'll bring the IQ of the meal up enough to be smarter than her!)


(2) Sarah Palin is a terrible candidate for this reason (if you'll all remember who she was, the pretty big tittied ho who ran for the vice-presidency.)