Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chris Brown Beat A Bitch

Something tells me that Rihanna was asking to get the whoop ass laid on her.

I don't think anyone should ever hit anyone, let alone a dude hit a woman, let alone Chris Brown hit Rihanna; but I'm sure she was just wailing away acting like a spoiled little pop star.

Shit, I'll bet she head butted Chris Brown's ass, and that's when he ran off.
That's one kind of head Chris probably doesn't like.

I wonder if Rihanna gives good sucky times. I'll be she doesn't even do it. Hell, if she did, i'm sure her cover girl lipstick wouldn't smudge.

Here's a video about the fat upper pussy area (FUPA).

Rod Blagojevich Is a Sociopath

I can't believe this guy. He gets caught on tape, saying "you can't just give away the senate seat" because "it's too powerful," and then he stages a media tour to say he's innocent and didn't do anything wrong.

Aside from his nice hair, and doable face, i think this guy is a complete douche dick. Yes, worse than a douche bag, he is a douche dick. He is worse than pulling a douche towellete through your peen hole.

I wonder if this guy gets a lot of ladies? I bet he's into some kinky ass shit. Probably some S&M type shit at the least. Fuck, I'd whip the shit out of this douche bag.

Why Can't We Buy Back The Old Britney

Somebody needs to fork up some major money and spend it on rehabbing brit. I don't get it. Doesn't she already have millions of dollars? Can't she buy back her beautiful hair?

Hell, at least she was always a lip-syncher. Cause if she lost her voice too, I don't know what I'd do. But I suppose you can't really go anywhere from lip synching.

Look at the toxic performace above, then look at the womanizer below. The difference is redick dick.

And what's with the hat? It's okay that your hair is really a dead rodent now Brit, the hat doesn't change that, and it looks straight up redick dick. (i'm going to be saying that for a while now). It's like the whole time you're waiting for her to throw the hat into the audience, but she never does. Maybe she forgot?

And look at her face at the end. It's like, "DID I FINISH? IS EVERYTHING OKAY? WHERE ARE MY BABIES?"

Poor brit brit. I can totally relate. That one time when I performed Womanizer on British television was pure torture!