Thursday, April 30, 2009

I dumped Cheesecat. It's all about Fascinating Cat now.

Meet my new BF

Brit Brit Is Under The Evil Clutches Of PeePaw Spears

PeePaw Spears is starting to scare me.

Apparently he was the one who filed the restraining order against Sam Lufti, who, as of now, can't legally contact Brit until 2012. But Sam says Brit reached out to him for help.

And i believe the little rat bastard.

C'mon, Brit is crazy for cocoa puffs. She doesn't want some old backed up PeePaw running her life and keeping her money. She wants to blow all of that money of frappucinos and tacky clothing. And she should be allowed to!

America is the land where rich people can do whatever they want. Fuck gay marraige, and fuck abortion, I say we pass a constituitional amendment to free Brit.