Thursday, September 17, 2009

This Is Really It

So here we have the trailer to the highly anticipated (????) rehearsal footage of what was to be Michael Jackson's final performance.

I can't be sure what to make of this. At the end of the day, one has to consider that it is a theatrical release of rehearsal footage. Unprecedented much?

Also, it wasn't going to be Jackson's best performance either. He was 50, drug addled (he looks damn skinny), and by no means in top form.

I think what it will do for people, is give them that glimpse into the Michael Jackson that existed directly before his death. I think people are most interested to know who THAT particular recluse was (as opposed to a younger Michael). We want to see his fall from grace... and yes, at the same time, we are all hoping to see at least a sliver of the world-class performer that was Michael Jackson.

Wonder how it'll do.


Young, Naive David... After the Dentist

If you ask me, this kid would be lucky if he felt this way forever.

Just wait till your first car breaks down kid.