Saturday, April 11, 2009

Aersol Cheese, Now In Waffle Batter

This was going to be a post solely about aerosol cheese, but while I was doing an image search I came upon a new sort of aerosol treat. Check it out!

It's Waffle Batter!

WTF? .... Waffles The Fuck!

So why do I imagine that waffle batter coming out like the tail end of a whip cream that I just took a whip it out of. You know, all liquidy, and with that nauseating texture. I still drink it, cause I can't resist that sweet sweet milkfat cream and sugar. No way. No how!

But seriously. WTF? (Waffles The Fuck!) What does waffle batter look like coming out of an aersol can. I HAVE TOO KNOW!!

I'll report back later.

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