Sunday, February 17, 2008

What To Do, What To Do...

Sometimes in life, we attach ourselves to ideas that lead us astray. Often, the signs of having been led awry are obvious, if one is willing to be objective about his or her own situation. There is, perhaps, a struggle involved in reaching certain goals, however, when that struggle begins to negatively effect the way we interact with the world, one ought to reevalute their position.

If you're starting a business, look to the people you trust for their opinions. In fact, look to everybody, people you do and don't trust. It's a good way to gauge where you're at. While some of the greatest visionaries may have had to "prove them all wrong," more often than not, I would guess that attempting to prove everyone wrong is a indicative of denial.

I could, however, and without being a hypocrite, but maybe being in denial, say forget everything above. You definitley don't want to sell yourself short, or be upset with the choices you make. If you end up regretting the path you've taken, it might be hard to attain contentment. But consider also that if you end up with nothing due to stubborness, you might not be content either.

The point is, that it's important to follow your dream. Cliche as it sounds, do it. Seriously, do it.
But at the same time, learn to live in reality. In fact, use reality as a meter. Take your dwindling bank account as a sign you need to start earning money. Take the ill relationships with family and friends as a sign you need to evaluate your demeanor or behavior. And take the signs that tell you you're doing great as a sign to keep on truckin!


----t h rive---- said...

I think you've brought up several interesting, and expandable topics in this post. Mainly, fodder for starting a business.

Surely, being stubborn and wanting to prove others wrong is perhaps a dangerous foot to RELY ON, but hey, it's a method nonetheless - at least for helping with the cause.

I had a frustrating experience back home over Xmas. While talking with family and friends at dinner at a friends place I mentioned that I'd like to start my own consulting business when the time was right - oh, the laughter. There was no rolling on the ground or gasping and finger pointing. And there wasn't even inquiries as to plans. It was more a general expression of 'Oh, to be young and Naive'. It was relatively hurtful. But you know what I thought as I smirked and got on with my dinner and conversation, You'll Fucking what I thought.

I don't think that they see an entrepreneurial spirit as being realistic. My folks and their friends grew up, worked and aimed for sweet pensions. It was about lasting with a corporation.

Today, I think we aim to run our lives like a business.

Anna said...

I really believe in what Lauren Zalaznick, president of Bravo and Oxygen network, said on the subject:

"The happier you are at work, the better you will be. Recognizing what makes you satisfied usually coincides with other people recognizing you are doing a good job."