Monday, March 31, 2008

The Box Office Breakdown for March 28-30

21 (Sony/Columbia) PG-13 Opening Weekend $23.7m
Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! (Fox) G $17.4m-3 wk total $117.3m
Superhero Movie (MGM (Weinstein)) PG-13 Opening Weekend $9.5m
Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns (Lionsgate) PG-13 $7.8m-2 wk total $32.8m
Drillbit Taylor (Paramount) PG-13 $5.8m-2 wk total $20.6m
Shutter (Fox) PG-13 $5.3m-2 wk total $19.1m
10,000 B.C. (Warner Bros.) PG-13 $4.9m-4 wk total $84.9m
College Road Trip (Buena Vista) G $3.5m-4 wk total $38.4m
Never Back Down (Summit Entertainment) PG-13 $2.4m-3 wk total $21.3m
Vantage Point (Sony/Columbia) PG-13 $2.4m-6 wk total $69.3m
Source: Box Office Mojo

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Anonymous said...

I thought 21 was amateur at best. I'm easily entertained, but something about the group of actors in this one made the story hard to believe, and the whole feeling of it amateur.

It was a teen movie, so I guess I can't complain much, but Gen-Yers (early 20's) playing Las Vagas highballers just didn't roll with me.

Shows (again) what good marketing can do for a movie.