Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm Loving It... But Jessica is Not

I'm sorry Jessi"fat" Simpson, but I think the whole fat contraversy is hilarious. I mean, i've known a few girls to get fat in the day, and sure, everyone talks about it, but when it happens to Jessica "Is Tuna Chicken" Simpson, it's just too amazing.

I don't see why the Brilliant Blonde even gives a shit. She's got tons of money and she's smarter than Einstein! Why doesn't she just tell everyone to F*$# off and shove another fifty dollar burger down her throat, that would make everything better.(I wonder what kind of mayonaisse Jessica puts on her burgers? I like garlic flavored.)

Besides, if skinny little bitch Ashley ever gets ahead of herself, Jessica can just go back in the books and show her whats what. Jessica is the reason Ashlee is famous at all.

If it weren't for Jessica, Ashlee would still me poking bitches eyes out with that ten gallon nose of hers!

Jessica, just love your fat ass. I'm sure you and Tony can stay up all night eating barbecue ribs and sweet buttered cornbread.


By the way, the burger with all the wonderful onion rings on it, is the U.K.s most expensive burger. They sell it at Burger King and it costs 85 pounds ($170!). I think it would be well worth it.

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