Sunday, February 1, 2009

Michael Phelps hitting The Biz-ONg

Now, this may come as a surprise to all of you Career Peepees, but me likes to hit the bong every now and then (a.k.a every day).

But I stand before you today, with the hope and vision, and the assurance, that I too, can one day become a Gold Medalist in the Olympics.

Super sexy Michael Phelps (any of you who say he has a butter face can eat his dorsal fin) was busted toking the bong at a some party.

Bitches claim that Phelps was drunk and stoned all night long.

HELLZ YEAH! What a stallion.

Apparently, Phelps' manager was begging some publisher not to publish these pics. Phelpsy might lose millions in endorsements.

That's okay Michael. I'll support you on my poverty line salary and massive debts. We'll live together and you can work your back stroke on me all night long, drunk and stoned.

P.S. Mikey, I only hit the kind bud.

Watch the vid below! He strokes me crazy.

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