Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Job Hunting- 5 Tips That Will Help You Find The Perfect Job

One of the most important skills a young person can have is the ability to find a job. Whether that be a temporary job you find working retail, or a job that sets you up for a career in your field, not everybody understands what it takes to find a job.

1) Persistence!
If you are in need of a job you need to devote yourself to finding one. It is highly unlikely that one will just fall into your lap, and it is not productive to sit back and imagine that everything will work itself out. As they say, "God Helps those who help themselves." So get away from the TV, grab a newspaper or get on your computer and start looking. It should be the first thing you do all day and should take a minimum of three hours each day.

2) Have a Resume
Many jobs, especially more professional ones, will require that you have a resume. There are many free and paid resume building sites online. Many of them require registration, and often times the pay sites, like and will distribute your resume for you. If that is something you are interested, consider investing in a feature like this. TAKE YOUR TIME. Your resume is the best insight into your person that an employer has. It's often more meaningful than the interview itself, as it displays your previous work experiences and accomplishments. Consider how you word your descriptions, and make sure you have a cover letter. Potential employers will want to know where your coming from as an employee, and what your objectives are in your career. For a vast array of tips in building and distributing your resume visit:
Note: Know your resume so that you aren't surprised and at a loss for words during an interview. A good interviewer will know when you have embellished on your resume.

3) Network
Use your resources. Remember "It's not what you know, it's who you know." Relatives are a great way of launching very successful careers. These are people who are more inclined to do more for you and your career. Also consider your friends, and your friends' parents. Some of them might be employers, and you might be the employee that they're looking for. And even if they're not looking, it cannot hurt, and it may in fact be a great help, to send them a resume. Make sure you don't hand them your resume at their home or while they are somewhere that they might lose it.. If it is at their office, they will have it on hand while they are recruiting employees.

4) Be Involved In Your Field
Unpaid internships and entry level jobs "in the mail room", are great for starting careers. The closer you are to the people who do your ideal job, the closer YOU are to doing it. You can make friends with the boss and work hard for a promotion. Simon Cowell, the British Judge on American Idol, started in the mail room at EMI, a large record label and became one of their most successful producers and executives.

5) Persistence!
Don't be afraid of rejection. It is part of the process. The more rejections you get, the more likely you are to get an acceptance. Your ideal job is waiting out there for you, it's just a matter of what you're willing to do to get it.

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