Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Little Crazy Could Do You Good

I want to get back to a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Delusions of Grandeur. Those ideas you get sometimes, that turn into visions of epic proportions, and elate you. They wrap you up and take you where you want to go. You believe for a little while, that this idea is going to take your life into overdrive. And it could.

I know I've experienced this personally, and have heard friends and family spout these sorts of images. They not only seem like good ideas. They are great ideas. We just need to learn to set these goals and achieve them. Like my idea for a greeting card company. This has been done. And successfully. It is my own lack of follow through that makes it so unfeasible.

That's why I challenge you, anyone who reads this, to look within yourself and realize a goal you've had, one which is feasible, and to get started on inching your way into the dream of being self-made. Get your blog or website of the ground. Start designing your own clothing line. Or set up a fashion show at your local bar, and get sponsors, and make it the biggest party your town has ever seen.

If you can imagine it. You can accomplish it.


----t h rive---- said...

damn, i wrote a comment for this, but didn't enter the 'verification' word at the bottom there - and didn't realize my comment was lost and just left the page, ah well...

ANYHOO - a little crazy COULD do you good, as long as you know how much money and heart to put into a project. Also, keeping options open within goals allows you to feel successes more often...keeping too narrow will close out your success rate too early.

Maybe ANY kind of card business would keep you happy enough, and increase your chances for success. Afterall, in the end it's about feeling good about what you do.

Todd Schultz said...

It is important to have at least some foresight. But if you let it turn into fear and prevent you from taking chances, you're bound for corporate boredom.
Don't put your life on the line. Just put yourself out there.

Thanks for the comment.