Friday, January 25, 2008

Work and School and Work and School

Starting a new job and school simultaneously on Tuesday was a wake up call. I hadn't been so busy in weeks, and my system is taking the shock in stride. I'm tired. Really tired.

I realize that I've now got to get my daily schedule into gear. This means putting off going out until the weekends. Nights out disrupt the system, as they make it nearly impossible to prepare for the next day.

My last three years of college have not consisted of much scheduling, and it has made it difficult, but lacking a schedule leaves me tired at inconvenient times, and makes focusing difficult. A sleep schedule will help my performance in school and work, and increase my efficiency. Thus, I am making a pledge to:

Not go out during the week.
Be awake by 8:15 each morning.
Be in bed by 11:15 each night.
Prepare for the next day hours before I go to sleep.
And start exercising withing a week.

Exercise is supposed to help one fall asleep faster. And dealing with stressful situations, like doing homework, and making preperations for the next day make it more difficult to fall asleep, thus they are better done a couple of hours before one goes to sleep.

This will be a difficult schedule to stick to, and I will be posting my progress in an honest fashion. As a senior in college, I have had my time to be the typical college student (perhaps even some extra time) and now, it is time to reconsider my lifestyle choices, and prepare for a future that is right around the corner.

Root for me!

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