Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mankind Is Imploding

Regardless of how illogical it appears to most of us, mankind continues to engage in wars which kill thousands of innocent bystanders daily. Many of us who live in America feel helpless regarding the situation in Iraq. Perhaps we feel helpless, because that is how we act.

I'm not sure how the cultural climate in America has changed since the sixties and seventies, but the imagery of protests we see captured in history books and documentaries seems non existent today. Though there may be a small protest here and there, it seems that today's youth keep their anger about the government to themselves.

I don't mean to scoff at them. I am one of them. I am severly angered by the disconnect between the rhetoric of politicians and that of the general population. They don't speak to us. They speak at us. They condescend to us. They don't tell us their true intentions. They use flowery euphamisms that appeal to masses.

Of the democratic candidates, I feel like if I were to talk with Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama, that neither of them would say one honest thing in the course of a conversation. John Edwards, on the other hand, makes a clear commitment to helping middle class Americans. He emphasizes his understanding of what it's like to live in the middle class, and it makes me feel as though he truly can relate. The other candidates seem jaded and power hungry.

Out of the Republicans, I am honestly disgusted that Mike Huckabee has one a single primary, let alone the Iowa caucus. He is clearly attempting to recreate Bush's platform of faith as he does his best to woo the large but narrow minded religious right. These sort of tactics will destroy internal relations among Americans. At least half, if not more, of Americans will not allow themselves to be governed by faith they do not share. And I do not mean to say that the president cannot be a religious person, but if he intends to mend our constitution, or to rule with a religous dogma, this sect of American's will not tolerate it. They have had enough of Bush. We have all had enough of Bush. Huckabee is Bush 2.0.

As for us, Generation Y, sometime in the near future, if we do not begin to take seriously our roles as future keepers of the world, we will lose them, and we will begin to drift into decentralized unit, with civil war(s) obliterating us all off the face of the Earth.

What we need to do is band together on a global scale and put our energy into preventing global warming.

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----t h rive---- said...

I'm not sure, but I think you were being ironic when you went straight into the proposition of teaming up vs. global warming after talking about disconnect from politics. If so, nice one.

They are both issues that we MAY feel helpless about (I am especially helpless vs. American leadership, the most I can do is poke fun) - but for realz, we can all do something to battle the climate problem. Just little things here and there, and more than anything saving energy every day will have an impact over time.

ah yes. friends of the earth.