Friday, January 18, 2008

Post College Depression

As I was reading other blogs about the transition to from college to career, I came across a term that I think is worth discussing: Post-College Depression.

The likely causes of a post-college depression would be the realization that one has no idea how to survive on their own. That school is over, and it's time to work on a career. The word career, itself, might strike a depressing chord in the heads of wandering twenty somethings.

As we see the trend of moving back in with mom and dad becoming more popular, so might the numbers of those suffering from post-college depression increase. Let's face it. Most parents will never see their children like adults. And the last things any young adult trying to stand out on his own wants, is to be treated like a kid. He/she needs respect. They need to know their word is meaningful and poignant. And having to ask mom and dad for money to go out, just kills any chance for this sense of self.

So what are we to do? Let the fear of the real world scare us into the ground. Sit around moping? No. We take action.

As I mentioned in my tips for job hunting, persistence is the key! If the cause of post-college depression, is a fear of the world, then we must persist in challenging those fears. It's just like trying to conquer your fear of heights. What do you do? You go up to the 100th floor and you face it. You conquer your fears. And the fear of making it in the real world is no different. It can be conquered, and you can do it.

If at this point, you're saying to yourself "No, I can't do it. Not me" I want you to take a look around at the other people who are doing it. Watch a talk show. There are tons of maniacs on those who manage to make ends meet and survive without the help of their parents. Then, I want you to realize how much better you are than most people. You are ambitious, you have goals, and you have a college degree.

So if you're feeling afraid of what comes next, persist in conquering those fears with constant research into how you can succeed. Look for that job you've wanted, and grab it. Don't hesitate to try out many different options. If you try enough, you're bound to figure something out.

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GenXpert said...

I've seen some articles on this lately in reference to Gen Y and I actually found your blog while doing research for my blog entry on the subject. Here's the thing: the only thing new about post college depression is that it's being labeled "post college depression." Gen X went through this - and they called it being a slacker. I'm sure the Boomers went through it, too, but that was before my time (Woodstock maybe?).

Here's what I want Gen Y to know: It gets better. A lot better. When I was 25, I never thought life would be as good as it had been in college. And then I hit 27, hit my stride, and never looked back.