Thursday, March 13, 2008

Breaking Bad

What gets your rocks off? Where do you spend your free time? Do you watch too much t.v? Or are you a comic book buff? Chances are, that if you're reading this, your a blogger, so let's just say that blogging. What attracted you to the blogosphere?

What am I doing with blogging, though? If you look back at all of my posts, you can tell where my thinking was concentrated on during each post. In ones where I link back a lot, I was thinking about professional blogging. I was avidly reading blogs like Employee Evolution and Penelope Trunk. (Linking adds so much professionalism to your blog. And it's so simple. So do it.) Those websites discuss the merits of blogging often, often encouraging young people to start blogs as an element to develop one's career. The posts here are often about blogging, too. So the truth is that I'm blogging about reading blogs about blogging.

I tried to personalize the blog writing a poem. It was about school and organization, and even blogging. It turned out that some of you couldn't even tell it was a poem (and I mean you Torbjorn). I blame that on both the content, as well as the blog formatting. So I guess it's wise to consider the content in the context.

Right now I'm watching Breaking Bad on AMC. It's a riveting show that portrays a decidedly unique and intense situation. And it's breaks boundaries you never knew existed. The show depicts a high school science teacher, diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, making and selling Meth. It begs the question: What are we really capable of?

The truth is, we're all capable of a lot. In my time, though it may not be much, I've realized that success is 90 percent about ambition and 10% talent. In fact, staying positive and ambitious is likely to produce great work. If we never try, we can never succeed.

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----t h rive---- said...

I'm so cool that I've never even heard of poetry...i mean, whatery?

I want to see posts that would make my blog more desirable to a general population, especially down there in Americaland. Start a series, "What my peers know/don't know about X", or "My friends have never seen a forest for the trees". Or, "X is so dumb they thought X".

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