Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nene is A Better Sheree than Sheree could ever be!

Right now, i'm smoking a bowl and throwing my hands up in the air shouting "Go Nene. GO NENE! GO NENE! GO NENE!" like Kim Parker.

Behold the beautiful lady Nene of Atlanta.

Somebody better tell Sheree from Bravo's "The Housewives of Atlanta" season one that when you search her in google images, This headshot of Nene comes up way before any closeup of Sheree!

But Sheree might be too busy begging for money from her ex husband Bob Whitfield

Dude, she took 3 mill from that guy. Her opening credit line is dang true, "People are intimidated by her success." This calls for Kanye.

"I aint sayin she's a Gold digga, but she ain't messin with no broke partner"

Nene is is the hbic over on Bravo's "Housewives of Atlanta" and Kim Zockdlsjfs knows that shit right there.
Check out this clip from the season one reunion.

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