Monday, February 23, 2009

Judges Gave Harsh Sentences To Kids For Cash

This pisses me off, royally.

14 year old Phillip Swartley was at a friends sleepover when he decided to go stealing change from unlocked cars.

That's not cool, but neither was the punishment.

The judge slapped him with 8 months in a detention facility. 8 MONTHS! I don't think you'd get 8 months if you were an adult doing that shiz. Fuck, I don't think you'd get eight months if you stole $200.

This is even dumber.

Another teenager, 15 year old Hillary Transue (pictured above) was accused of mocking a principal on her MySpace and was sentenced to go to a wilderness camp. WTF is that? Seriously. That is some grade A bullshiz.

These judges ought to be sentenced to two years of constant sodomy, performed by this dude (NSFW- not safe for work. Mom, don't click that either.)

Turns out the douche judges accepted more than $2.6 million from youth detention centers for sending these kiddies to jail jail. They'd been doing it since 2002. And now they're busted and off to jail jail.

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