Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mickey Rourke Sure Knows How To Give an Acceptance Speech

Mickey Rourke won the Best Male Lead at the Independent Spirit Awards last night, and gave an uproarious speech where he became frenemies with Eric Roberts, and mis pronounced Marisa Tomei's name.

Mickey is a hot mess. If he takes his glasses off, I think we'd all die. Those glasses he's wearing are definitley hiding something is all. Maybe it's his dilated pupils, cause i wouldn't be surprised if Rourkey Was Tripping ballz during this speech.

I just hope he cusses tonight at the oscar's half as much as he did during this speech, because the oscars are so damn prissy prissy. And everyone takes them so seriously.

They need a little bit of Mickey's botched botox face brand of humor. Does that even make sense?

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