Monday, March 9, 2009

Asslee... I Mean Ashlee Simpson Is Set To Be On Melrose Place 2.0

(I know it's an old pic, but I like to think of this bitch with her old Titanic shaped nose)

It's almost difficult for me to say Ashlee Simpson now instead of Asslee Simpson. All of the gossip blogs call her Asslee, and as you can probably tell, I read way too many gossip blogs.

Well anyass... Jessica's little sister is set to be one of the stars on the new version of Melrose Place.

haha. HAhahahAHahahahaHAHahahaha (my laugh is varying from "that's really funny" to "that's amusing.")

I'm not one to make assumptions, and i've never seen the shit show straight to dvd movie Asshole Simpson was in... but I GUARA-FUCKIN-TEE This whore can't act. Fuck, she can't even lip sync the right song.

And why are they making a new Melrose Place. WTF? You can't just redo a concept and call it the same name as an old show. IT'S A DIFFERENT FUCKING SHOW! G-d Dammit. Seriously. God, I am asking you to damn this show.

It's bad enough that they did this shit to 90210 (wtf is the use of having 90210 without Brandon Walsh?) and now they're going to do it to another show. Aaron Spelling is turning over in his grave.

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