Monday, March 9, 2009

Vital Information For Your Everyday Life

This was like the best part of All That. And All That was a pretty good show. And I mean that just like I said it. Pretty good.

It wasn't really good. Is any sketch show ever really good? I mean, maybe there's a good episode. Or a good performer.

Like Kristen Wigg. Pretty much anything she does is hilarious. No, I mean, everything she does is hilarious. She's the best part of Saturday Night Live. But SNL isn't a masterpiece of a show. Half of the skits suck, and Kenan Thompson just makes it that much worse of a show.

He has got to be the least funny cast member to have ever been on that show. Why do they let him on the stage? He's not funny.

Kenan was in All That. I think he did one funny skit, and it was where he played an old dude.

Kenan sucks. Why is he getting paid thousands of dollars to be on TV and I can barely pay my rent.

Oh yeah, because all I do is sit and post stupid shit like this on my blog.


megan said...

i believe you must be foregetting "Everyday French with Pierre Escargot"

funny shit

Answer said...

hahaha... Yeah, I am forgetting that skit, which was actually pretty funny.

Kenan 1, Todd 0