Friday, March 6, 2009

Lezzie Lohan is Loca Mad at CooCoo Katie

Remember the Lindsay Madonna pic I posted from Glamour Mag? Well, even though Lohan actually looked good in them, she's still pissed about the shoot because she didn't get the cover.

And who did? Why the lovely Crazy Katie Holmes.

Dude, it seems like all these famous bitches have done lost their damn minds. I guess I can relate, I lost my mind in the 11th grade after I smoked some bad weed, so I'm not judging, just stating the obvious.

To be honest, Lindsay shouldn't be surprised. I mean the cover talks about Do's and Don'ts. And I think putting Lezzie Lohan on the cover of Glamour after all the crazies she's pulled is a definite DON'T!

Just be happy Lindz that your pics turned out good and at least you're not married to Tom Cruise *shudders* (and yes, I hate the *emotion* type things too, but the idea of spending time with Tommy Cruise calls for shudders. But then again, so does spending time with Sam Sam Ronson.)

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