Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lohan Does Madonna... Much Better Than She Does Marilyn

I actually like this picture of Lindsay Cokehan doing Madonna. It's spot on if Madonna were a cokey, alcoholic lezzie for-hire.

Lindsay makes me feel sad, because its like we all know she will never get her shit together. She's just going to keep on boozing and blowing nose candy and eating coochie (well, the last one might not lead to her downfall... it would lead to mine though).

Let's all say a prayer for Lindsay. I pray that this Ms. Cokehan becomes a good actress and does less blow (praying for her to stop completely would be like praying for unicorns to fall from the sky... although...)

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Mikes said...

I can't help but agree. nive blog you have here. cheers to you!