Monday, February 2, 2009

I Dream of Amy

For some reason, the pic above makes me think of Barbra Eden in I Dream Of Genie. If you rub a crack pipe, it is said, Amy will fly out and scream BLAAAAAAAAAKE! at the top of her one working lung.

So Amy Winehouse has just turned the conservatorship of her company, Cherry Westfield, the one that has all her money, over to her parents.

You know, I was thinking about why Amy would do this. And I think, and I'm almost certain, that since she is so famous, Amy gets crack for free.

She probably was like, "Ah fuck it. I gets me crack for free anymore." Then she signed the document with her crack nail (yes Amy can smoke crack from her finger nails) and then she was off.

Seriuosly, though. I guess this is a good thing. Amy doesn't seem to be able to handle the loads of money (it's over $10 million, I'm sure of that) that shes got.

I just honest to God hope that Amy's dad doesn't spend all the money on twinkies.

They are delicious, though!

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scrapmusic said...


Can we have a Blossom post soon? It comes 2nd in your tagline and so far I don't see no Blossom.