Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chris Brown Faces Felony Charges... No Surprise There

Don't let the puppy or that sweet little smile fool you, this dude is a woman beater.

There ain't no way around it. No way to make it sound better. Chris Brown will beat a bitch and that's a fact.

Brown has been charged with two felonies, including assault likely to cause bodily injury and making criminal threats, according to court documents.

You know, he'll probably get some sort of deal, maybe go to jail for 72 minutes or some shit, but fuck, I think he deserves at least 6 months or more. This kid needs to be taught a lesson.

The sad facts of this case are (1) that Rihanna got back with him and (2) that he's probably going to do this again.

You know how they say "Once a cheater always a cheater"? Well, I think this saying also applies "Once a beater, always a beater."


Anonymous said...

Chris Brown does need to be taught a lesson, but if he has a problem like this will just sending him to jail scare the problem out of him or increase his urge to settle disputes physically?


Anonymous said...

In jail, I think they have psychiatric care for those that need it.