Monday, March 2, 2009

OctuMommy!!!! NEWS!!!

It's time for your favorite nut job, and mine, OCTUMOMMY!!!!

Turns out, Nadye, aka Octumommy refused free 24 hour child care for a year because the person offering didn't attach a reality show to that deal.

Fuck yeah, Octumommy, get your game on. Pimp out those kids.

I know I sound like a fucktard, and many of you think i'm sick and twisted, but I say, these kids are all goign to turn out fucked up anyway. Maybe having a reality show will boost their egos so they don't feel like shit from all the neglect they'll INEVITABLY have to deal with.

And maybe they'll be able to foray the reality show into careers.

I don't know exactly what Octumommy's deal is, but lets hope dem kids get taken care of somehow. Neglect is not cool.

I know this is also sick, but something about Octomommy's look just makes me think she was born to be a star (even though she had to give birth to get there.. is that even funny?)

Oh, and in case you all were curious, below is a picture of the man who claims to be the father of the octuplets. I mean, the pictures of the Octuplets don't look black, and this guy looks at least half black, if not full. So... idk.

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