Monday, March 2, 2009

Some Serious Shit

The dow dropped below 7,000 today bitches. That's really bad.

I hate to bring up all this terrible shiz, but I guess it's beautiful to know?

I mean, I know that my bank account dropped below four dollars today. But it's beautiful to know that.

At around 6,800, the DOW is the lowest it has been since April 1997.

We can all pretty much blame it on AIG, who lost another 68 billion dollars after we gave them like 10 trillion dollars. I saw FUCK AIG. I dont know shit about the economy, but these damn insurance, money lenders, are really fucking shit up right now.

Oh, and the CEO of Freddie Mac just resigned, too. Asshole.

The reason this country is in real trouble, is because the gov isn't talking directly about the real issues, they keep feeding us bullshit.

But whatever, sorry for getting all serious on your asses.

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