Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brody Jenner's Boyfriend Can't Keep His Mouth Shut

The douche bag who won Bromance (which has yet to complete it's season on MTV) has already gone and spilled the cum about who won the contest about man-love.

Click here if you even freaking care.

Personally, the only thing I want to see out of Brody Jenner is this.

If I ever befriend Brody, I'll have to make a deal with him, where he can't talk and he has to take off his clothes whenever we are not in public.

Or, fuck it. He just has to walk around buck ass naked all the time.

Don't worry, though. He doesn't realize that it's against the law. No one told him.
He'll just have to plead stupidity in court.

That should get him off, no?

I know it'll get me off.

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